Wood Floor Care

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Wood floors are quite simple to maintain. Sweeping or dust mopping to keep dirt and grit off the floor will prevent excess wear. A good quality dust mop is a great investment.

Wiping up spills promptly and being careful not to overwater plants in direct contact with the floor will prevent damage.

Bona brand wood floor cleaner is a safe and widely available product for cleaning hardwood flooring. Excess water should not be left on the floor after mopping. Good microfiber spin or pad style mops work best. Never use any type of product that contains petroleum (wax or oil) on your floor.

Floor protectors on the legs of table chairs and furniture that is often moved will help protect your hardwood floor from scratches. Do not drag heavy furniture across a hardwood floor - lift and set in place, or protect the floor with a heavy moving pad.

Please call or email our office if you have questions about maintaining your hardwood floor.

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